Ramp Signaling

Ramp Signalling

A ramp signaling system will be installed at all entrance ramps along the Palmetto Expressway from Flagler Street to NW 154th Street in Miami-Dade County. Ramp signaling reduces congestion on the highway by preventing too many vehicles from entering the highway at once. These signals will constantly monitor traffic flow on SR 826/Palmetto Expressway and allow one or two cars to enter at a time, in effect, forcing drivers to take turns and controlling the disruption caused by ramp traffic merging at the entrances. The result is better traffic flow.

Here is how it Works:

  • The signals alternate between red and green lights (no yellow)

  • Stop on red. Go on green.

  • Failure to obey ramp signals is a violation of Florida law and can result in fines and penalties

Benefits to Ramp Signaling

  • Reduces traffic congestion

  • Reduces travel time

  • Decreases fuel consumption

  • Maintains consistent traffic flow

  • Allows for more cars to use the interstate (when there is consistent traffic flow)

  • Increases travel speeds

  • Reduces rear-end and sideswipe crashes often associated with vehicles entering the interstate


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