Project Benefits

Express Lanes is an innovative, lower-cost alternative to traditional highway construction that offers a variety of options for managing congestion. The project creates new choices for consistent and dependable travel throughout the day and particularly during rush hours. Dynamic or variable pricing within the express lanes limits the number of vehicles using them and keeps traffic flowing. Not all drivers will choose to use the express lanes all the time, but since some drivers may, congestion in the regular lanes will be reduced. Dedicated express lanes staffing at the Transportation Management Center (TMC) will monitor traffic activity and facilitate quick response to incidents along the entire corridor.

Value of Express Lanes

  • Benefit all drivers on the highway by moving traffic faster and more efficiently 
  • Paying toll is optional. Drivers may choose to pay the toll to use the express lanes or drive toll-free on the general purpose lanes and still receive benefits from the improved travel speed 
  • Offer reliable Express Bus service
  • Separate long distance travel from short distance travel, thus reducing lane changes and opportunity for accidents. 
  • No restrictions based on the number of passenger in a vehicle as in the case of High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes. 
  • Offer enhanced incident management resources, traffic monitoring services and use of ramp signaling.




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